ICAD Upstarts: Brief 01: The title of the brief from RichardsDee was ‘Society 79’. The brief was to design a logo and visual identity for a 3rd wave café. The brief invited a name change if we saw fit. I changed the name of the café to Sochaí, which is the Irish for Society. I used the number 79 to influence the colour palette. 79 is the atomic number for Au or Gold. I repeated the angle of the fada over the ‘i’ in Sochaí to construct the coffee bean and ran the diagonals through the icons creating a pattern. 3rd wave coffee is all about the process of brewing a pure coffee. Through my research, I found that the process at every level - from farming to the enjoyment of a cup of coffee - included hands. So the tagline ‘Hand it Over’ was included. The tagline was to underline the message of ‘hand crafted’ and create a dialogue of urgency between the enthusiastic customer and the coffee barista. A suite of illustrated hands were drawn up to reinforce the message of hand crafted 3rd wave coffee.

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