Mountaineering Ireland recently held a Seminar on Mental Training for climbing. On the day the issues addressed included; Fear of Falling, Remembering to Have Fun, as well as the Importance of 'The Process'. The event was sold out.
I was commissioned by Mountaineering Ireland to design the promotional poster and Social Media banners and posts. The overall look of the project (the strong colour palette and playful shapes) remained consistent throughout the printed, online and event applications. We kept the message fresh by pulling out pieces from the poster in order to remind people of the event right through a three month period.
We were able to have the overall message in the poster, and highlight the speakers for a week. After that, we highlighted the sponsors and then the end of the 'early bird'. When the tickets sold out, we took it as an opportunity to promote the success of the event.
The 'look' of the poster and social media banners
The main presentation slide
The Instagram squares highlighted the speakers, sponsors and the end of the early bird ticket offer
The design of the seminar poster
Hazel Findlay was the headline speaker on the day of the seminar
The main web banner. This banner was adapted for the Mountaineering Ireland website and Facebook page
The sponsors were highlighted on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram over a number of weeks, on the run-up to the Seminar.
The event was sold-out 2 weeks before the big day! We took the opportunity to promote this and further advertise the event
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