Big Fella Whiskey Beer

The Ó Coileáin family from Sam’s Cross in Co. Cork are very proud of their Whiskey Beer. They’re also very proud of their family tree. They are descendants of the Big Fella, Michael Collins. Due to it’s growing popularity and international appeal, their beer (Ó Coileáin Whiskey Beer) needed a rebrand. Big Fella Irish Whiskey Beer was the name adopted and the branding was influenced by the Irish Proclamation. This piece of historical Irish typography has it’s fair share of quirks that reflect the urgency and determination that went into creating it. Most notably, the final paragraph plays host to an upside down ‘e’. The font that was used to set the body text ran out and finally, the text used in the title was missing some letters. Wax was used to form new letters from what they had to create the final composition. It is from all this history that Big Fella Whiskey Beer gains it’s branding. Quotes from Michael Collins himself are used to promote the strength, quality and pride that goes into the brewing of this increasingly popular drink.

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