53 Degrees North Rebrand: A Bossanova Project - www.bossanova.ie
Whilst working with the team at Bossanova, I designed a brand new identity for outdoor and adventure store: 53 Degrees North. The brief was to replace the old branding with a clean, modern logo mark and accompanying graphics to support in-store and online marketing, as well as Point of Sale.
The audience for the new identity was everyone! The team at Bossanova worked together to ensure that the brand we presented would communicate a friendly and inviting message to a community of like-minded people who love the outdoors! The tagline 'Happy Out' was adopted for the store. As the logo is chunky and strong, the 'Happy Out' tagline was set in a script font to add a touch of friendliness and fun!
The Brand was rolled out in-store and online.
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